TOM COCHRANE – Take It Home CD (2015)

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Take It Home is Tom's first release since his 2009 induction into the Canadian Walk Of Fame in 2009 and 9 years since his last release. Take It Home is a return to Tom's classic sound while bringing together blues, country, roots, gospel mixed with a Southern influence from his travels to Austin, TX.¬†“I see this record as a real retrospective on the essence of the troubadour,” says Tom and Take It Home convincingly¬†pays tribute to his musical heroes, fellow troubadours like Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan.


Can't Stay Here / Sunday Afternoon Hang / Diamonds / Country Girls Never Get Old / When The Lights Starts To Fade / Pink Time / First Time Around / The One's I've Known / Another Year / A Prayer For Hope / Back In The Game

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